Hypnosis FAQ

1. What happens if I cannot wake up from a trance?

It has never happened. You cannot hold a trance state more than about 15 minutes without reinforcement.

2. Is it true you cannot be made to do something that would violate your moral code?

Yes, that is true. Because you always know what is happening, you will not do anything against your morals.

3. Is it also true that there are some people who just cannot be hypnotized?

Yes, dead people are impossible. Seriously, everyone of normal intellect is capable of going into a hypnotic trance. They just may not be truly willing at a particular place and time, or with just any hypnotist.

4. You heard that someone was given a command on stage to sleep when they heard a particular word, and on the way home that night, they heard it on the radio. This caused them to have a tragic accident (described in various ways.)

This is an “urban legend” often told by people who really believe it, but it can never be sustained as true.

5. People are made to do things they normally wouldn’t do.

Oh, I hope so! The show wouldn’t be very entertaining otherwise. BUT, I believe there is a difference between acting foolish and being a fool. In my shows, I try to make each person a star, to bring out the actor/actress in each. It is never done to embarrass, nor has anyone ever said they were… but, they have said they couldn’t believe what they did on stage. That’s fun!

Always select a stage hypnotist who has solid references with people you can call and ask questions about the show.

The evening proved to be exactly what I hoped for.

Marshall Tofte, NE Assn. of County Officials