Ed Wunder – That Hypnotist

Edward and I became friends and associates while I was performing at the 2007 Nebraska State Fair. This young man just came up to me asked me if I was the hypnotist, introduced himself and said, “I’m a local hypnotist that works with clients and does a few stage shows a year. I’m not here to steal any ideas, I just want to help out. I know enough to help people off stage, pull chairs, and stay out of the way if you want some help.” I said that would be great and we’d talk after the show. We had a good time. A few weeks later I called and asked him if he’d like to learn about working with county fairs. He said yes, and away we went.
Edward’s a natural. Whether he’s talking with you in person, on the phone, or he’s on stage he’s the same guy. He’s authentic, high energy, ethical, puts others first and he’s a lot of fun.
Some of Edward’s many clients include:
Nebraska Rural Public Power
Sartor Hamann Jewelers
Eye Care Specialties
Minnesota School Bus Owners Association
American Dental Assistant Association state associations
Nebraska Army National Guard, 209th Regiment and 72nd CST
University of Nebraska Lincoln
Post Proms and other school assemblies across Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and North Dakota
Fairs and Festival across Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri

You and your event attendees are going to enjoy getting to know Edward. It’ll be fun on stage and in the audience.

You can learn more on Facebook, That Hypnotist, https://www.facebook.com/That-Hypnotist-1384238445141934/

You can see show videos on YouTube, That Hypnotist, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwq6B4naF2L7zHOMqq453Jg